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Claim My Lawyer provides premium legal lead generating services as well as directory profile listings to assist you in growing your law practice and obtaining more customers.

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How does it work?


A consumer has a legal problem and has to employ a lawyer. They go online for a solution to their legal problem.


The customer visits one of our legal network's web pages and fills out a complete form with all of their case needs.


We then review these thorough instances and forward them to your company as a new customer enquiry or lead.


Your company then follows up with the customer.

Professional Web Appearance

Create a professional web presence that includes images, videos, experience, essays, case studies, and more. With your personalized profile, you may establish a strong online presence. When consumers search our directory, which displays on all sites in the Claim My Lawyer legal network, they will be able to locate and hire you. They can contact you through your profile.

Designed for lawyers

In addition to communicating with customers through the lead generation process, Premium professionals are prominently presented to consumers seeking for their practice who are situated nearby We reduces competition for Premium professionals in order to maximize visibility.

Professional Profile


  • Individual configuration
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Support: Email Only
  • Hidden Ads
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Premium Profile


$29.99 /month
  • Individual configuration
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Support: Premium
  • Hidden Ads
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Pay-Per-Lead basis

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  • Only Qualified Leads
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Frequently asked questions

We get leads from customers who visit our website and look for information about their individual legal needs. We deliver these leads to our attorney clients based on their practice area and region.