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I have used this firm for a few things, they have been very professional and helpful. They have made me feel like they really care about my problems and their fees are very reasonable. I strongly recommend it.

Donna p.

Lance was very helpful in getting my case settled. Was very professional and kept me informed of whats going on with my case. I would recommend him to anyone.

Albert K.

I was very pleased with the way my case was handled. I had an insurance agent who said he didn’t have to pay me what I was due, even though he knew I was right. I called a couple of lawyers but in the end Claim My Lawyer was able to help me find the right lawyer.

Michael R.

I had a very well handled case. I was able to see him when I had questions or concerns. He was able to give me an honest opinion and he was a great negotiator. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anna M.

I contacted Attorney regarding a injury and he was very prompt in getting back to me. He answered my questions and helped me decide what the best course of action was for me.

Mike D.

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